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    Support your ESG programs with the Privacy Tools solution. Create and manage projects, set goals, issue results and control the portfolio with valuable indicators.

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    What is the ESG solution?

    Driven by a global movement in support of environmental, social and corporate governance issues, several organizations are developing actions and projects to adhere to this trend and consequently to the resulting corporate, financial and sustainability benefits.

    The ESG solution aims to help companies and organizations that are developing their ESG programs, creating internal projects or projects driven by business partners and sponsors, starting with the creation and administration of the entire project portfolio, definition of initiatives, task management, issuance of results and the demonstration of all actions carried out based on indicators and metrics.

    ESG has 3 pillars


    They examine a company's performance as a steward of the natural environment in which it operates. They include policies and the ability to mitigate risks, such as: use of renewable energy, waste management, control of pollution and CO2 emissions, management of water resources.


    They examine how the company manages relationships with its different audiences in the geographies where it operates, such as: employees, suppliers, customers and communities. They include views and practices on diversity, human rights and consumer protection.


    It covers the company's leadership, executive compensation, succession process, control environment (risks and compliance), guarantee functions and rights of shareholders and other stakeholders.

    Manage your company's ESG in one place

    From this module, the organization will be able to monitor the progress of its governance program and its evolution according to the 3 pillars of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).


    With the ESG module you will be able to:

    Manage projects

    Define projects and goals based on the three ESG pillars. Control the progress of actions, from the management of a portfolio of projects, checking the status, people in charge and established deadlines.

    List initiatives

    List all the initiatives of each planning, listing the deliverables and determining the metrics for each project. With this resource, the organization can attract investments, accelerate projects and achieve concrete results according to its goals.

    Determine tasks

    Obtain a comprehensive view of processes, control delivery times and identify those responsible for each demand, establishing efficient portfolio management.

    Rules and controls

    Rely on a base of standards and controls, such as SASB, WEF2020, GRI and TCDF, to develop ESG programs and import extra regulations to expand the information base.

    Indicators and metrics

    The system produces a series of indicators and metrics to control and demonstrate results to interested parties. Visualize the entire portfolio of projects through dashboards, highlighting financial, administrative and managerial impacts in an agile and clear way.

    Business Intelligence

    Activate the Privacy Tools BI feature and have complete freedom to create and customize your own reports.

    Security and reliability in your LGPD, GRC and ESG projects;

    Competitive advantage;

    Efficiency and productivity.

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