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    Module Incident Management

    Automates notices of violations of privacy and data protection laws, allowing you to react quickly and provide appropriate notifications.

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    Privacy Tools

    What is the Incident Management solution?

    As the need for data processing grows exponentially and evolves, the need for documentation and security procedures is greater, making it essential to be agile in identifying and solving any incident.

    Incident management

    How important is this module for your company to adapt to GDPR?

    Quickly identify and organize an incident

    The Incident Management Module covers privacy and data protection laws, it quickly identifies and organizes an incident, which contributes to incident resolution.

    Greater visibility into incidents

    Incident visibility can be verified in a single dashboard, with a user-friendly interface that is easy to interpret, helping your company to track relevant data and meet notification deadlines.

    Identifies which data has been affected by an intrusion

    The Privacy Tools Incident Management Module also allows you to identify which data has been affected by a breach, how it is used, who has access to it and how it flows, among other features. Strategic insights in investigating a data breach.

    Recommended notifications

    Our Module also has easy-to-use notification recommendations to streamline and direct action, knowing when, who and how to notify about a violation.

    Customizable risk severity

    You can customize risk severity levels and your own flags, based on built-in cases.

    Identifies incident path

    In addition, it is possible to identify the course of an incident and, in this way, demonstrate compliance with audits when needing to redo steps to detail situations and correct configurations.

    Business Intelligence

    Activate the Privacy Tools BI feature and have complete freedom to create and customize your own reports.

    Security and reliability in your LGPD, GRC and ESG projects;

    Competitive advantage;

    Efficiency and productivity.

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