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    Privacy Tools.

    Privacy Management and Personal Data Protection, GRC and ESG Solution. We help companies build responsible businesses.

    Privacy Tools

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    Welcome to the Privacy Tools experience, the most complete national solution on the market, with Privacy Management and Personal Data Protection, GRC and ESG.

    Since our founding in 2019, we have accelerated compliance for more than 700 companies, providing a comprehensive and innovative approach to addressing the growing challenges of privacy and data protection. Join us on the journey to compliance!

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    Come and transform the privacy and data protection market with us!

    If you want to make a difference in the fastest growing privacy startup in Brazil, send your profile and let's talk.

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    Our Awards:

    PrivacyTools - Open 100 Startup
    LegalTech Breakthrough - LGPD
    PrivacyTools - GPTW - LGPD
    PrivacyTools - G2 - LGPD
    PrivacyTools - South Summit - LGPD
    PrivacyTools - Hackernoon - LGPD
    PrivacyTools - Hexn - LGPD

    Associations and relationships:

    PrivacyTools - IAPP - LGPD
    PrivacyTools - Assespro - LGPD
    PrivacyTools - OBR.GLOBAL - LGPD
    PrivacyTools - Distrito - LGPD
    PrivacyTools - Abstartups - LGPD
    PrivacyTools - Domo Invest - LGPD
    PrivacyTools -Bossa Nova - LGPD

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